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What is NextLifeBook?

NextLifeBook provides a platform for you to deliver lasting memories — text, pictures, voice, videos, flowers, gifts — to your loved ones in the event that you have passed on.

How do I begin my NextLifeBook Journey?

You can click here to sign up for free.

How does NextLifeBook work?

After you have signed up and verified your email address, you can add your Loved Ones, and create digital memories for them.

You can add Trusted Nominees, who will keep NextLifeBook informed of those milestones to deliver your memories.

You can also generate your online Will and store it digitally, or physically with a Certis Cisco safebox.

Securely store your important documents (insurance policies, titles of properties, etc.) on our Digital Vault.

Why should I use NextLifeBook?

NextLifeBook supports the grieving process of your loved ones in your demise. Messages into the future provide comfort and memories to your loved ones

Is NextLifeBook a Free service?

Digital memories — text, pictures, voice, videos — including our online Will generator, physical Certis Cisco safebox storage, and Digital Vault are free for everyone.

Should you wish to store more memories and send physical gifts, do have a look at our affordable pricing plans.

What happens to the memories created with dates that are in the past?

You will be notified of these memories as their dates occur so that you can update or delete them as they will not be sent while the user is alive.

In the event that there are memories between the date of passing and the date that NextLifeBook verifies user’s passing, memories in between these dates will be automatically sent.

E.g. User passed on in January and NextLifeBook was informed and verified passing in June of the same year. All memories between January to June are automatically sent.

What happens to the contents of my vault when i pass on?

Once you have uploaded a document you can set it to be sent to a recipient's email. If you have not selected a recipient at the time of your passing the contents of the vault will be automatically deleted.

Are my stored memories safe?

Security is one of our top most priority for all users and all information stored onto the platform is protected using AES-256 encryption, 2-Factor Authentication as well as SSL. Security audits are also regularly conducted to ensure our systems are functioning 100%.

Your trusted nominee have no access to memory you created.

What if I forgot or want to change my password?

You can click on “Forgot Password?” in the Log in page, if you have forgotten your password.

To change our password, after you have logged in, click on My Account in the dropdown, and click Change Password do so by accessing your account settings

Will 3rd parties be able to access my information?

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.

Our team members will only be able to access contact details of Trusted Nominees and Loved Ones, only for the purpose of sending your Memories and gifts (for Premium users).

What is Legacy Planner?

Legacy Planner allows users to upload such documents as a will, life insurance, health information, online account info, and etc.

All information is encrypted and securely stored in a vault that allows users to control who sees what information and when.

Why storing & sharing your information (i.e wills, insurance policy & bank account) is important?

What if I am no longer around one day? Would my loved ones know what to do? Will they know my wishes?

Planning ahead is important but it might seem daunting for most of us. NextLifeBook's Legacy Planner is designed to guide you through each step of the way.

NextLifeBook's Legacy Planner is a trusted digital companion that makes planning easy and convenient, at your fingertips. We use technology to make it seamless to document and share your plans, so that you and your loved ones can spend the time focusing on the things that matter: celebrating your relationships, achieving your life goals, leaving a lasting legacy.

Who is My Trusted Nominee?

A Trusted Nominee (TN) is someone whom you nominate to act in the event of the user's passing. We advise you to have at least 2 TNs.

TN will notify us of the user’s passing, and also highlight to NextLifeBook of any future milestones — birthdays, weddings, graduations — that the user tied to any saved Digital Memory.

How does my trusted nominee notify the NextLifeBook team on the user’s passing?

In the event of User’s passing;

Your Trusted Nominee can contact us, or during our occasional Email updates to TN, and also to confirm that they still wish to be your TN, NextLifeBook can be notified sometime after the User’s passing.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that a person (also known as “Testator”) expresses their final wishes and final instructions in writing, on their asset(s) to be distributed on their passing. The Will will be administered by a nominated person (also known as “Executor”) to the beneficiaries named in the Will. In Singapore, a Will is governed by the Wills Act (Cap. 352).

Why do I need a Will?

A Will is a vital legal document that allows your loved ones and next of kin to manage your assets and possessions in a structured manner upon your passing. In Singapore, if a person has no Will at the time of passing, the distribution of assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act (Cap. 146).

What is a Testator?

A Testator is a person who makes a Will. A Testator must be of the legal age of 21 years old and above at the age of creation of the Will.

What is an Executor?

The Executor is the person nominated by the Testator to administer the final wishes of the Testator in accordance with the Testator’s Will. An Executor is also known as ‘The Trustee’, can also be a beneficiary under a Will and a Testator can appoint more than one Executor in his Will. Where there is more than one Executor, they must act jointly (together). Please note that the NextLifeBook Will Generator does not allow for the appointment of joint Executors.

Our Will Generator allows a Testator to appoint an alternate Executor. If the Executor is for any reason is unable to execute the terms of the Will (e.g. where the Executor has passed away), the alternative Executor will take over duties of the Executor. An Executor must be over the legal age of 21, not be declared bankrupt and must be of sound mind in order to carry out his/her duties under the Will.

Some of the Executor’s duties would include:

  • Applying for Grant of Probate for the deceased
  • Making funeral arrangements for the deceased
  • Settling the lawful just debts owed by the deceased
  • Taking possession of and distributing the assets of the deceased in accordance with the Will

  • In the circumstances that an Executor refuses or is unable to perform their duties, the Testator’s family should seek legal advice on how to proceed.

    Who is the Beneficiary?

    The Beneficiary is the person who will inherit the distributed asset(s) made out in his/her name under the Testator’s Will.

    In the event that the Beneficiary is a minor (under the legal age of 21), the asset(s) will be held by a trustee appointed within the Will (or if none, to be appointed by the Executor) and these asset(s) shall be distributed when the minor reaches 21 years of age and above.

    Why do I need 2 witnesses for my Will?

    A will typically must be properly witnessed to be valid. Unlike other legal documents, a will generally isn't valid unless two adult witnesses (depending on the country) watch the will-maker sign it. The witnesses must know that the document is intended to be that person's will, and they must also sign the document themselves.

    The Witnesses do not have to be a professional person, and cannot be a beneficiary to the Will. It is recommended to have somebody trustworthy and of good character to be your witness.

    Who can make a Will?

    It varies across countries. For Singapore, any residents or individuals who have an asset in Singapore of the legal age of 21 and above can use NextLifeBook to generate a Will.

    Is NextLifeBook’s Will recognized in another country?

    The generated Simple Will covers Singapore residents, and foreigners who only have assets located in Singapore. If in doubt, you should always seek legal advice.

    What if I need a more comprehensive Will?

    Please click here to Contact Us, or Email Us at [email protected]

    Can I change my Will at NextLifeBook?

    Yes, you may change your Will, by creating a new Will with NextLifeBook.

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