09 April
https://youtu.be/DbXRGyb9Ipk Generate a Simple Will online and store it Digitally for Free, or in a Safe Deposit Box, at NextLifeBook.com Read More
01 March

Estate planning is the process of planning how you want your estate (i.e. all the assets you have at the point of death) to be managed and transferred after your death. In Singapore, estate duties or “inheritance tax” is not payable for persons dying on and after 15 February 2008. You therefore don’t have to worry about planning […]

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21 December

How we can help you plan for the future Goodwins created a booklet to help you create a will that refers to the law of Singapore. It does not apply to Muslims whose estates are governed by Muslim law. From time to time the law changes, and details in this booklet (including the information relating […]

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25 August

Prepare well for yourself and your loved ones in case of incapacity and death. Learn about wills, lasting powers of attorney, intestacy laws, probate, and letters of administration. Singapore Legal Advice has a checklist of 55 articles for you to know all about inheritance. Continue reading at Singapore Legal Advice to find out more.

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