07 October

Simple, practical and yet trendy designs? Experts have thought out of the box in trying to incorporate a collection that can fit nicely into our homes. To achieve the concept of “living big in a small house”, Ikea now provide solutions for everything and anyone! Even cats and dogs can live happily and comfortably with […]

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22 May

SINGAPORE — When Mylo the Jack Russell died two years ago, its body was placed in a specially-modified white coffin lined with cushions, transported in a hearse, and carried into the cremation hall by men dressed in black-and-white formal wear. Cotton the Maltese’s farewell three weeks ago was not far behind in scale. A monk […]

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06 April
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01 March

We analysed all of the pet insurance plans in Singapore to help you shop more efficiently. Find the best pet insurance based on your pet breed, the coverage you need and your budget to ensure you’ll end up with a plan that will offer the right protection without taking a large bite out of your […]

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23 December

SINGAPORE: When a pet owner realised that her toy poodle was very active and had a tendency to dash across the road, she decided to get it insured. “I saw the temperament of the dog and how it could get into an accident,” the 49-year-old, who only wanted to be known as Ms Lim, told […]

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