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SSHWS strives to become a leading Taoist operated charity in ASEAN.

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Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services (SSHWS) was set up as the welfare arm of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association with the objective of carrying out relevant good work and welfare activities to relieve hardship as well as to bring benefits to the society and the community.

Membership to SSHWS is open to all of age 18 and above, sharing the same objectives irrespective of race, colour, creed, religion, language, sex and social status.

SSHWS is governed by a Management Committee whose members are elected according to the governing instrument, which is the Constitution. All our members serve on a voluntary basis without receiving any form of remuneration.

SSHWS holds the status of Institution of Public Character (IPC) since 3 November 2000. With the IPC status, all outright cash donations are tax deductible.

what we aim for, Our Mission

SSHWS aims to provide assistance, welfare & relief, financial or otherwise to all people, without discrimination as to race, languages, creed or religion, to promote education, and to foster friendship & community cohesion.

what our goal is, Our Vision

SSHWS strives to become a leading Taoist operated charity in ASEAN.

adapted by Dao De Jing, Chapter 8, Our Core Values

  • We strive to achieve the highest goodness which resembles the quality of water;
  • We empathise from the depth of our heart;
  • We give with compassion;
  • We speak with integrity;
  • We carry out our works to the best of our abilities;
  • We strategise our moves according to its relevance & appropriate timing.


  • 上善若水 
  •  心善渊 
  •  与善仁 
  •  言善信 
  •  事善能 
  •  动善时

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