What is NLB Benefits

Health Screening 1 Year of NLB PLUS Plan (U.P. $83)
Health Screening Free Health Screening and Dental Maintenance
Health Screening $13 Fixed Medical Consultation
Health Screening Convenient in-App E-Card
Health Screening Exclusive Access to Partner's E-Mall
Health Screening $15 Fixed Dental Consultation
Health Screening $70 Fixed Specialist Consultation
Health Screening Enjoy Exclusive Healthcare Deals & Packages
Health Screening Spend, Earn & Redeem Rewards Points

NLB Benefits Plan

Care Plan
  • 1 Dental Maintenance Voucher worth S$100
    - Consultation with Dentist
    - Teeth Scalling
    - Teeth Polishing


    1 Health Screening Voucher worth S$100
    - BMI Stats
    - Blood Pressure Measurement
    - Fasting blood Test
    - Full Blood Count Testing
    - Lipid Profiling
    - Diabetic Panel
    - Kidney Function
    - Liver Function
    - Urine FEME Test
    - Doctor Consultation Review
  • NLB PLUS Plan (U.P. S$83 annually)
  • S$13 for Medical Consultation
  • S$15 for Dental Consultation
  • Specialists Consultation from S$70 - S$120
  • Transferable Plans*
  • Exclusive Access to online mall to collect & redeem rewards points
  • Exclusive Online Piloxing, Zumba, Kpop x Fitness Classes & Webinars (Worth S$200)
  • Unlimited Users & Dependents
  • Unlimited Access to our Service Partners

*Terms & conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.
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NLB PLUS Plan (Worth S$83)


Generate FREE online Will (Typically from $200) and store it digitally. Find out what happens if someone die without a will?

Digital Memories & Gifts

Write a text message, upload a photo, record a video or create a voice message and gifts for your loved ones on special occasions and be reminded yearly.

Legacy Planner (Coming Soon)

Make sure your employee loved one have all the vital, useful, and heartfelt information they’ll need in case something (e.g. coma) happens.


Need help? Our trusted advisors will guide your employee to advise them on LPA, AMD, and to review their Will.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my employee who is an E-Pass holder, purchase a voucher or have access to all the benefits on the app?
2. My company has an ongoing contract with a Medical group to provide outpatient medical services. How can my company still benefit from your services?

In addition to providing your staff with medical benefits, you may wish to provide your staff (and even their families) with other types of Flexible Benefits, such as fitness classes, dental, and wellness benefits. We have a wide array of service providers and wellness deals that your staff and their families can enjoy. All of these are only for S$1 per person per month.

To help reduce the workload on your HR/finance team, EQBenefits can assist you by processing your company’s current medical/non-medical claims as an independent TPA using our automated claims portal. We are fully transparent and will verify all the claims submitted based on the set parameters provided by you and your company.

3. Is Equidius an insurance broker? Is EQBenefits an insurance program?

No, Equidius is not an insurance broker nor is EQBenefits an insurance program

4. My company currently has a Group Hospitalisation Scheme (GHS) with an insurer. Will there be double coverage?

No. EQBenefits plans do not provide GHS coverage and will actually complement your company's existing GHS insurance plan by providing corporate access to outpatient medical and dental services to your staff (and their families, if applicable). In addition, your company will enjoy greater savings of up to 30% as the outpatient costs will be reduced.

5. My company’s current GHS plan is very expensive. Are there any alternatives?

Yes, we are here to provide a cost-effective alternative plan for your company. GHS plans overlap with your Employee’s Medishield Life/Integrated Shield Plan. You may instead opt to use the premium for employees to pay the premiums for their Medishield Life/Integrated Shield Plan instead. For GP outpatient needs, the needs of your staff will be adequately met using our EQBenefits plans.

6. What happens if my employees visit a doctor/dentist/specialist that is not on the panel of service providers on the app?

Unfortunately, EQBenefits’ privileges and corporate rates are only applicable and available with the service providers listed on our panel. These preferred rates will not be available to service providers that are not listed on our panel and mobile app. The list of service providers can be found in our app and is constantly updated to serve our members better.

7. Can EQBenefits assist my company with the Premium allocation for the Medishield Life/Integrated Shield Plan?

Yes. As an employer, if you are offering insurance premium allocation as part of Flexible Benefits to your staff, EQBenefits can assist you in processing these premium allocation as part of our TPA claims processing services. The management service and assigning the premium amount to you employees are included in the services we provide on our platform.

E.g. Your yearly GHS budget can be administered by us 4 times a year. This can help you reward and retain your talented staff. We can administer it as proration which allows you to save costs and not worry about your staff quitting.

8. What is FlexBenefits?

Flexible benefits are plans offered by an employer which allows their employees to choose the benefits they want or need from a package of programs. Such benefits may include healthcare, dental, optical, travel or wellness services.

9. Can my company have a trial account before we make up my mind?

Yes. Please approach us to find out how you can access our app to browse through our services.

10. What is a Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an independent company that helps companies process claims and other administrative tasks related to the claims, which may also include management of employee benefits programs. Upon verification and processing of the claims by the TPA, the company can proceed to make reimbursement to their staff and employees without any worry of fraud or abuse.

Companies and insurance agencies often outsource their claims processing to TPAs, as we are equipped with the systems and industry knowledge to assist our clients.

11. Can my company only engage NextLifeBook Benefits for their TPA claims services without any other service plans?

Yes, your company can engage NextLifeBook Benefits for the TPA claims services only. For S$22 per person per year, you can only engage EQBenefits claims management service to process your simple Flexbenefits claims. We will process all your claims with strict regulations and provide you with monthly reports for the overview and breakdown of the claims submitted. All of your staff will also have access to our user-friendly 24/7 Claims Portal.

As an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA), EQBenefits can take the heavy burden of processing claims on behalf of your HR or finance team through our automated claims processing platform. Our claims portal can be tailored to cater to your needs for your employees, which may include but not limited to:

  • Job Grade
  • Scheduled Allocation
  • Flex Medical, Dental, Specialist
  • Unlimited Claims Types
  • Taxable / CPF Payable Advisory
  • Spending Account (Universal)
  • Monthly Payroll & Transaction Report
  • Document Repository
  • HR Access

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