17 April

What is NextLifeBook? NextLifeBook is a Freemium service that provides a platform and storage for users to deliver lasting memories — text, pictures, voice, videos, flowers, gifts — to their loved ones in the event that after passing on. NextLifeBook will be officially launching today, and they will be giving out ‘Lifetime’ free accounts during this COVID-19 […]

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14 April

NextLifeBook推出数字记忆+遗嘱等服务:让用户离世后,依旧能把美好回忆留给亲人! 不知道大家在小时候有没有看过电影,讲述着在未来当亲人过世的时候,还在世上的亲人能透过电子设备来回顾亲人所留下的生前美好的回忆,以及想说的话等等。而如今这项科技已经成为现实,因为名叫NextLifeBook就符合了上述所有的条件,同时目前正式向全球的公户开放了,值得一提的是创造者向技术的幕后团队早前就向专利局申请一项相关的专利,不过目前还在等待审核。 这款名叫NextLifeBook的技术就为全球用户提供的服务分别是数字记忆,遗嘱和数字存储以及保管箱和礼品等,让用户一旦几年后不幸离世依旧能透过早前记录的一切事物,发送给还在世的亲人们,让亲人们知道你心里面还是在乎一切的。 Continue reading article at ZingGadget

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13 April
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWxhmBamLv8 Subscribe for Flowers & Gifts, and a Safe Deposit Box from as little as $3.88 at NextLifeBook.com Read More
09 April
https://youtu.be/DbXRGyb9Ipk Generate a Simple Will online and store it Digitally for Free, or in a Safe Deposit Box, at NextLifeBook.com Read More
06 April
https://youtu.be/_-6WVUeT2EM Store Memories Digitally tagged to Milestones or DD/MM, for Free, on NextLifeBook.com Read More