The happiness of any society begins with the well being of the families that live in it.

@27 Family Service Centre is Montfort Care’s second Family Service Centre. It was set up to meet the needs of the community in Telok Blangah.

These services include:

1. Information and Referral
We provide members of the public with information relating to social service and referrals to appropriate services.

2. Casework & Counselling
Our social workers engage individuals and families, assess their situation and tap on relevant resources available in the formal and informal network, to enhance their financial, mental, emotional and social coping.

3. Groupwork
We conduct workshops and therapeutic groupwork to support our Casework & Counselling clients. It is conducted by our professional staff to help targeted group of clients develop coping skills and knowledge on topics such as, conducting groupwork for latchkey children to increase their self-esteem and running support group for single parent families.

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