BOC Safe Deposit Box service helps you to safe-keep all your valuables and important items at selected BOC branches conveniently and securely.

Key Features about our Safe Deposit Box Service

• Complete Privacy

You can access and view your personal belongings in private viewing rooms available in selected BOC branches.

• Various Safe Deposit Box Sizes

There are various box sizes to suit your needs. 

• Secured and Dual-Locking Mechanism

The safe deposit vaults are fully secured to ensure that your safe deposit box is protected. Our safe deposit boxes are also installed with dual locks as an additional form of security. The customer and the Bank will each keep a different key and the two keys must be used together to open the safe deposit box.

• Stringent Access Control

Only authorised staff and customers will be allowed into the facilities. All customers will be verified via photo identification and authorised signature before they are allowed to access the vaults.

• Centralised Locations

  • Bank of China Main Branch: 4 Battery Road, Bank of China Building, Singapore 049908
  • Bank of China Katong Sub-Branch: 188-192 East Coast Road, Singapore 428898


The annual rental fees will vary according to the size of the boxes.

Box Size Dimension Rental Rates (p.a.)
(inclusive of GST)
X-Small 4″ x  5″  x  20″ S$112.35
Small 4″  x  8″ x  20″ S$160.50
Medium 5″  x  10″ x 20″ S$240.75
Large 8″  x  8″ x  20″ S$288.90
X-Large 16″ x 17″ x  20″ S$722.25

Note: Box sizes are subject to availability.

Apply Now

• You are eligible to rent a safe deposit box as long as you have a savings/current account with BOC Singapore and are above 21 years old.

• Visit any of our two BOC branches with Safe Deposit Box service with your identity card/passport.

• For foreigners, please bring along your passport, a valid employment pass and proof of residential address.

• Upon approval, you are required to pay a refundable key deposit and the annual rental fee. You will be issued with two keys for each rented box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I access my safe deposit box?

You can access your safe deposit box during our banking hours.

2. How to pay the rental fee?

Payment for your safe deposit box must be made annually in advance. The authorisation to debit the annual rental fees is included in the terms of agreement of safe deposit box service.

3. Do I need to have a bank account?

Yes, you need to have a savings/current account with BOC Singapore to facilitate future annual deduction of the safe deposit box rental.

4. What if I lose my safe deposit box keys?

For the loss of one key, all box holders need to present their valid identification documents personally to report the loss and charges will apply. For the loss of both keys, Please contact our 24-hour customer service hotline at 1800 66 95566 or + (65) 677 95566 (from overseas)  and our staff will assist to arrange an appointment with you.

5. What are the Terms and Conditions of using BOC safe deposit boxes?

The use of our BOC Safe Deposit Box service is governed by the


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