Features and Services

Certis CISCO offers secure safe deposit boxes for individuals as well as corporate customers with round-the-clock protection for your valuables. Equipped with world-class security features and strict confidentiality, you can enjoy accessibility, assurance and affordability for all your valued items with absolute peace of mind.

Year-round Access Open all year round, including weekends and holidays.
Longest Operation Hours Open up to 12 hours daily. Enjoy the convenience of visiting after office hours at your leisure. After operating hours access to safe deposit boxes are also possible with notification^.

^ Emergency access – Access your safe deposit box after operating hours, anytime, any day for $500. (subjected to a notification of at least 2 hours in advance)

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Easily Accessible All our secure facilities are conveniently located near MRT stations, bus interchanges or major expressways.

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Variety of Box Sizes Certis CISCO offers 5 different box sizes to suit your every need.

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Affordable Subscription is priced competitively from as low as 35 cents a day.

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Privacy Private viewing rooms to allow absolute privacy for you to access and view your belongings.
Strict Access Control Only *licensee(s) and **mandatee(s) are allowed into the secure facility. All licensee(s)/mandatee(s) will be authenticated via approved documents and signature/thumbprint before being granted access to the secure facility.
Highly Secure Security camera monitoring provides assurance that your box is safe. Facilities are also protected by armed Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Officers.
Dual Locking Mechanism All safe deposit boxes are installed with dual locks for additional security.
Consistent Service Standards

ISO 9000 certification ensures high customer service standards.

*Licensee(s): The registered customer(s) who has access AND full administrative rights to the safe deposit box.
**Mandatee(s): The person(s) authorised by the licensee(s) to have access to the safe deposit box ONLY.

– 20 Jalan Afifi, Centre II, Level 1, Singapore 409179

– 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-10, E-Centre @ Redhill, Singapore 159471

– 134 Jurong Gateway Road #02-311, Singapore 600134

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