Express Pet Cremation

We care & take charge of all your pet's after-life needs

One stop Pets Cremation Service

Coping with the loss of your pet is not easy. Let us take care of all your pet’s after-life needs.

Decades of Service

With more than two decades worth of experience providing dignified farewells pet cremations for our beloved companions. We aim to provide you with a peace of mind during this difficult time.

Dedicated Service

24 hours island-wide collection & return assistance, limousine service for Express Cremation and customized photo box urns. These initiatives are our commitment towards service excellence.

Flexibility in Pricing

Every pet is unique, they are of different kind, breed and size. We have rendered our cremation services to animals big and small, from a large horse to a little turtle. At EPC, we care & cater to each and every individual’s budget.

Type of Pet Cremation Service

Express Cremation

Immediate Cremation can be done at any timing for those who wish to attend the Cremation. The process will take about three hours and the urn will be returned to you. Limousine transport service will be provided for families to ease any inconveniences. (Upon request)

24 Hours Cremation

We will pick up your pet at the designated location, take your pet to the cremation center and then return with the urn within 24 hours.

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