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Forensic medicine

Our Forensic Medicine Division (FMD) is the national provider of forensic medical consultancy services in the examination of coroner’s cases.

Forensic Medicine Division

FMD has a strong team of highly qualified forensic pathologists, forensic technical officers and supporting staff.

Coroner’s cases

A police officer who is investigating a death which comes under the Schedule II of the Coroner’s Act needs to inform the Coroner. We advise the State Coroner if an autopsy is recommended to determine the cause of death and carry out examinations when an autopsy is authorised.

The findings at the autopsy become part of the evidence adduced in Coroner’s inquiries and criminal proceedings. The findings are also used in hospital mortality rounds, internal inquiries, and disciplinary hearings.

Our pathologists support crime scene investigations conducted by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for homicides and suspicious deaths. We work closely with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

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Request for an autopsy report or physician statement   

An informant may apply for a copy of the autopsy report or physician statement.


Request for a private autopsy 

If you wish to request a private autopsy for non-Coroner’s cases, please fill up the application form and submit the necessary documents to:

The Forensic Medicine Division
Health Sciences Authority
11 Outram Road
Level 1
Singapore 169078

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