Mandai Pets Sanctuary

Pet Cremation & Columbarium Services


Responsible pet crematoriums uphold thorough operating policies and procedures to provide the highest level of service and ensure your pet is handled with care and respect. We are the first to introduce standard cremation services in 1987, recognised and approved by NEA. We operate sets of Chambered Pet Cremation Incinerators that provide smokeless and odourless cremation. Our larger incinerator loads a capacity of up to 700 kg

Mandai Pets Cremation Centre

Our pets are family. They share our lives and bring us companionship and joy. Losing a faithful pet after years of love and friendship can be emotionally traumatic. Let us help you give your best friends the dignified farewell they so deserve.


With private cremation, your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. You can be assured that only your pet’s ashes are returned to you. We understand it is very difficult to say goodbye. Your family and friends can spend some quiet final moments with your pet before the cremation, and if you wish to, be present during the process.


Your pet shares space in the cremation chamber with other pets – in separate partitions. Your pet’s remains are not mixed with other animals. Witnessing the process is not an option for partitioned cremation. Your pet’s ashes are returned to you in a porcelain urn.


With communal cremation, your pet is cremated along with other pets. The animals’ remains are combined and unable to be separated. No urn or ashes will be returned to the pet owner.